FAMILY UNDERWATER VLOG from the Seychelles! GIANT TORTOISES! Kids Surf and Swim Lessons Routine!

FAMILY UNDERWATER VLOG from the Seychelles! GIANT TORTOISES! Kids Surf and Swim Lessons Routine!

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We absolutely LOVED our time in the Seychelles at the Four Seasons on Desroches Island.

SURF LESSONS were by the amazing TROPICSURF. Check out their insane locations around the world :

We had an amazing daily routine of breakfast, pool time, naps, then feeding giant tortoises and then surfing until the sunset! The best day routine everrr!

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BABY SWIM LESSONS in the Seychelles! 3 YR OLD Swims and Deep Dives Underwater :


Teaching Our 2 YR OLD BABY to Swim Underwater :

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The kids swam with nurse sharks in Exuma Bahamas last year!

ADLEY PRINCESS ARIEL MAKEOVER!! the little mermaid in real life with Dorothy Gee :

Lava Monster with Adley!! THE FLOOR IS LAVA CHALLENGE at the Park! :

SHARKS in Tahiti! Are they NICE?? ///

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Taking the kids deep diving in Belize!

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