Evening Session At Pipeline (4k Raw)

Evening Session At Pipeline (4k Raw)

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Filmed on October 18, 2023 at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. Wave heights are in the 5-8 foot range with some bigger wash through sets. Swell direction is a little too north for what Pipeline likes but still a couple west ones rolling through.

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Filmer: @jaydenganon


0:00 - Tosh Tudor
0:34 - Mason Ho
0:54 - Josh Moniz
1:15 - Kala Grace First Wave Back
1:26 - Eimeo Czermak
1:37 - Marco Rista
2:00 - Bodyboard Takeover
2:45 - Makana Pang
2:58 - Party Wave
3:20 - Kona Johnson

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