Hawaii Real Estate Market Predictions {UPDATED} 2024 - BUY NOW OR WAIT? | What's Going To Happen?

Hawaii Real Estate Market Predictions {UPDATED} 2024 - BUY NOW OR WAIT? | What's Going To Happen?

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Are you considering diving into the Hawaii real estate market And Wondering Is the Oahu real estate market crashing, or is it about to boom, or will it stay the same? Well, you're in the right place. In this video, I'll share my predictions on what's going to happen in the next 12-18 months in the Oahu Real estate market.
As someone living in Hawaii, I've seen firsthand how these factors influence our local real estate landscape. Investing in Hawaii real estate can be daunting, but understanding these elements can give you an edge. Inflation, interest rates, and inventory are the three big eyes that control the market.

I'll break down how inflation is currently shaping the Oahu real estate market, why interest rates are a game-changer for anyone considering investing in Hawaii real estate, and what the inventory levels mean for you. Whether you're looking to buy a home or invest in properties, knowing the Hawaii real estate market trends is crucial.

Join me as I analyze the data and make informed predictions about Hawaii Real Estate 2024. Will the Oahu real estate market rise to new heights, or are we looking at a plateau? Find out what's in store for Investing In Hawaii Real Estate for the next year and a half. Don't miss out on this essential update if you're invested in the Oahu real estate market!

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00:00-01:23 Introduction

01:24-02:09 {No 1} Inflation

02:10-03:15 {No 2} Interest Rate

03:16-03:50 {No 3} Inventory

03:51-06:05 How they effect the Market?

06:06-08:35 Predictions & Data

08:36-11:35 How it's affecting Oahu?

11:36-14:43 What's going to happen?


I have spent most of my life in Oahu and With years of experience in Oahu Hawaii Real Estate, I have closely monitored the Hawaii Real Estate Market trends and economic indicators that impact the Hawaii Housing Industry. I'll share my insights on the current state of the Hawaii Housing Market, as well as my recommendations for buyers looking to make a smart investment in Hawaii real estate.



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Hawaii Real Estate Market Predictions {UPDATED} 2024 - BUY NOW OR WAIT? | What's Going To Happen?

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